CONSTANCIA on the road

Constancia on the road - Van-1.jpeg

It all started when...

we first saw a Citroen H Van many years ago for the first time. It was love at first sight. Having worked for years at Borough Market before opening the restaurant, the love for markets always stayed with the idea of taking the restaurant on the road was born. 

We found "Chancha" (that's how we called her :) on a french website and crossed the channel twice, first to purchase her, and then to look for her later on when a missing part was installed. It was an epic journey which involved terrible weather, cold, and many stop overs to repair electric failures until we had to give up and call the road assistance and recovery to take us back to London. 

It took us over 6 months from her arrival in the UK until it made its first appearance in Shoreditch in September 2013...but since then we've been crisscrossing London serving the best steak sandwiches in town.  

We make them by grilling Prime Argentine Grass Fed Beef, and serving it with roasted Red Peppers, Rocket, Chimichurri Sauce (Argentine BBQ Sauce made by ourselves) and optional grilled Provolone Cheese. The bread we use comes from a local bakery in Bermondsey and we only use top quality produce from Borough Market and well renowned suppliers.

We also sell a delicious Argentine Chorizo Sausage Roll. These exquisite sausages are made with our own recipe and great ingredients. Other dishes include Black pudding toasts, and during winter we also sell a hearty and delicious traditional lentil stew with chorizo and pancetta.

Our product stand out for its quality, good value, fresh ingredients, delicious taste and the care and attention to detail that we put into the operation.

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